Family Law

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The Law Firm of Phillips & Gemignani, LLC is devoted to assisting individuals in the following areas:

  • paternity matters
  • legal separations
  • divorces (including complex as well as uncontested divorces)
  • post-judgment disputes and modifications
  • restraining orders
  • child custody and placement concerns
  • asset and debt division
  • maintenance and spousal support
  • child support

Our goal is to educate and guide each person to help them make their best legal decision in what is often one of the most difficult and vulnerable times in their life. You have choices regarding how you proceed with your family law matter, and we can assist you with any of these ways.

Traditional Litigation

One or both parties hire attorneys to provide legal advice and advocate positions on behalf of their clients in negotiations and court hearings. Our attorneys are seasoned litigators in the circuit courts of Waukesha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington, Jefferson, Racine, Kenosha and Walworth Counties, and we use our skills to seek resolution to your lawsuit without unending litigation, recognizing that our efforts impact you in many facets of your life as you move forward after divorce.

Collaborative Divorce

This is a recognized alternative dispute resolution process, and each of our attorneys are members of the Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin. In this process, each party hires a specially trained collaborative attorney, and other collaborative professionals as needed, and all work together in a cooperative, non-adversarial process with one goal: to achieve a mutually acceptable agreement. Both parties and their respective attorneys promise in writing to voluntarily disclose all financial and other relevant information, and to proceed respectfully and in good faith as the parties negotiate toward a settlement. All participants also promise to refrain from the threat or use of litigation, and pledge that all lawyers will withdraw if either party chooses to litigate. Please see for more information.

Limited Scope Representation

Many spouses will elect to proceed “pro se”, or without an attorney, based upon financial reasons. Our firm can assist by providing hourly guidance, whether by review of forms, analysis of options, assistance with document preparation, or navigation of the process.


The attorneys in our office handle mediation and arbitrations. Charles Phillips, owner of CP Analysis, has 40 years of experience in family law and offers full mediation services at a fixed price. He can be reached at 262-544-9998. Cheryl Gemignani has over 30 years of experience in family law and also offers mediation and arbitration services. Attorney Michelle Stoeck also provides mediation services.

Special Master/Referee/Guardians ad Litem

Our attorneys are often appointed as special masters, referees or Guardians ad litem in situations involving difficult child custody and placement issues. These roles require appointment by the court.