Working With Us

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The first step is to call our office (262) 544-9998. Our knowledgeable staff will ask you questions about your needs and assist you with the next steps of the process.

In order to protect you, we will conduct what is called a “conflicts check” when you call. The purpose of this is to ensure that our commitment to you will not be in conflict with our commitment to other clients. This involves obtaining basic information about you (your name, your spouse’s name, your address, and your respective employers). We will not disclose this information to anyone, regardless of whether you retain us.

Initial Consultation

This meeting is typically one hour. We prefer to meet with you in person, but we also offer prepaid telephone consultations if that is best for your situation. We try to get you in to speak with an attorney as quickly as you need, but please note that if you are in danger, you should call 911.

During the initial consultation, we will gather information from you and ask you questions about your situation so that we can give you answers and develop a strategy for moving forward.

The cost of the consultation ranges from $250 to $350 per hour, depending on which attorney you meet with. Payment is due at the time of the initial consultation. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, check or cash for payments.

*If you are calling about estate planning, we will ask you to return a questionnaire, after which time we will advise you about recommended options and costs for those options.

What to Bring to the Initial Consultation?

If something has been filed in a court, or if you have been served with documents, or if there is an existing court order, please bring those documents to the consultation. Financial information is very helpful, so if you have wage information, asset/debt information, that is helpful. If for any reason those documents are not available or you cannot access them, don’t worry, as we can handle that at a later time.

When you retain an attorney, we will give you a packet of materials that, depending on what we suggest moving forward, you can complete and return later. If you need to move forward with legal services, there are many options to proceed, which range from limited scope representation (where you pre-pay us for the help you need) to full retainer (where you pay an advance fee deposit). Both require signed agreements.

If you are not ready to hire an attorney, we will maintain a file for you so that if you come back in the future, we have the information discussed at the initial consultation.